Revive Counselling Plus
Jaqueline Connor, Counsellor
West Croydon • South East London
Tel: 07948 428576 • Email: click here to email
28th May 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

...Is Counselling for me?...

This is hard to know at first. It is important that you attend your first counselling session and assess if counselling is for you. The first session is an Assessment Session to help me get some information about you and determine if we can work together. The fee for this session is 50.00 for individuals and 60.00 for couples.

...Will it help me get better and over my problems?...

Counselling is not a quick fix method!. It can be painful yet a beneficial talking treatment. It is productive and for an individual to experience change, growth or results, it takes time.

Yet with perseverance and patience, it is possible to gain insight, understanding and make the necessary changes slowly and productively.
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