Revive Counselling Plus
Jaqueline Connor, Counsellor
West Croydon • South East London
Tel: 07948 428576 • Email: click here to email
7th August 2020

About Counselling:

Counselling is a talking therapy that provides you with the opportunity and space to explore your concerns, worries, fears and anxieties in a safe and confidential manner without being judged.

Life brings about many storms. They may be emotional, physical, psychological, financial and spiritual. During such times, it can be hard trying to cope alone and as such, one may feel the need to talk it over with someone. Someone who is able to listen attentively with compassion, sensitivity so as to understand their distress.

In Counselling, it is not my role to give you advice rather to enable you to talk and empower you to find your own answers and solutions. I aim to help you to empower yourself to make the right choices and decisions for yourself.

Ultimately, you make whatever changes to help you overcome your distress and cope positively.

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